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The YES Resolution Group
'I use the facilitation skills I learned from YES all the time to run meetings and work with groups.'


YES has served a broad range of public and private sector clients, multicultural and First Nations groups, non-profit and community organizations, regulatory agencies and professional associations. Our clients include:
Business Clients Services Provided
BC Info Health Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Blast Radius Communications Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Le Page d'Or Bookstore Mediation/Conflict Resolution
AT&T Mediation
O&Y Enterprise (Corporate Alliance Leader) Partnering
  • Compass Food Services
  • Honeywell
  • Scandinavian Building
    GM Gest Mediation
    Government Clients Services Provided
    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  • BC/Yukon Region
  • Training/Facilitation
  • National Committee on
    Continuous Learning
  • Facilitation
  • Vancouver Call Centre
  • Facilitation/Conflict Resolution
  • Vancouver Frontline Staff
  • Open Space
  • Enforcement Officers
  • Training
    Insurance Corporation of BC Partnering
    City of Burnaby Training
    Sunshine Coast Regional District Conflict Resolution
    BC Housing Management Commission Conflict Resolution/Training
    Health Care Clients Services Provided
    BC Health Summit Facilitation
    BC Schizophrenia Society Mediation/Facilitation
    Peace Arch Hospital Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    Schizophrenia Society of Canada Facilitation
    BC Leukemia Research Fund Facilitation
    College of Occupational Therapists Facilitation
    Vancouver Hospital & Health Sciences Centre -
  • Office of the Vice President
    for Research
  • Facilitation
  • Centre for Clinical
    Epidemiology and Evaluation
  • Facilitation
  • Rehabilitation Research Centre
  • Facilitation/Conflict Resolution
    BC Centre for Disease Control -
  • Hepatitis Services
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Health Care Intervention Study
  • Facilitation
    Children's and Women's Health Centre of BC -
  • Office of the Vice President
    of Human Resources
  • Coaching
  • Department of Nutrition and
    Food Services
  • Facilitation/Partnering
  • Department of Audiology
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Department of
    Occupational Therapy
  • Facilitation
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Facilitation
  • Telehealth
  • Coaching
    Housing Clients Services Provided
    Roberts Creek Co-Housing Training/Conflict Resolution
    Pacifica Housing Advisory Association Facilitation
    Wetherow Housing Cooperative Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    Baptist Housing Ministries Policy Design
    M'akola Group of Societies Facilitation
    BC Non-Profit Housing Association Training/Policy Design
    Institutional Clients Services Provided
    Architectural Institute of BC -
  • Intern Architects Committee
  • Facilitation
    Nicola Valley Institute of Technology -
  • Board of Directors
  • Facilitation
    Simon Fraser University - School of Criminology Conflict Resolution
    University of BC Child Care Services Training
    University of BC Housing and Conferences Facilitation
    Vancouver YWCA Facilitation
    Canadian Corps of Commissionaires Training
    BC Seafood Sector Council Facilitation
    Phoenix Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre Facilitation
    Community Clients Services Provided
    Columbia Basin Trust Facilitation
    Crossreach Seniors Activity Centre Training
    Immigrant Services Society of BC Training/Conflict Resolution
    St. Andrews-Wesley Choir Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    Social Planning and Research Council of BC Training
    West Coast Development Group Conflict Resolution
    Sunshine Coast Community Programmer Training/Conflict Resolution
    Roberts Creek Community School Training
    Coast Foundation Society Conflict Resolution
    Non-Profit Clients Services Provided
    BC Amateur Dance Association Facilitation
    BC Gymnastic Association Training
    Vancouver Natural History Society Facilitation
    Variety Learning Center Mediation/Conflict Resolution
    Utility Clients Services Provided
    BC Gas Utility Ltd. Facilitation
    InterCity Gas - Regina, Saskatchewan Facilitation
    BC Info Health Facilitation