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'Our group improved communication, job satisfaction and productivity, through mediation with YES.'

YES SERVICES Mediation & Conflict Intervention

YES mediators act as a neutral third party to help individuals or groups in conflict. We identify and reconcile differences and resolve disputes. Mediation can transform relationships to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of everyone involved.

Conflict intervention is broader than mediation and involves a multifaceted approach to deal with conflict in an organization. Conflict intervention identifies key issues, and builds involvement and agreement in an organization or community. Facilitation, training or coaching may be required, in addition to mediation. Conflict intervention can be used to design protocols for dealing with future disputes as well.

Mediation & Conflict Intervention Services
Corporate Boards
Non-Profit Sector

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation can save time and money. Mediation involves collaborative, creative problem solving. Participation is voluntary and confidential. Authority to negotiate is vested in the parties involved, who control the terms of agreement as a result. Everyone's interests are acknowledged. Stress is reduced. Business and other relationships are enhanced. Productivity and efficiency improve. The goal is to achieve a win/win outcome.