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'The partnering process with YES helped us develop a common vision and tools to resolve disputes.'

ABOUT YES A Neutral Can Help

People bring their own perspective to an issue. Often, when interests and values clash, problems can arise. A neutral person, not associated with the dispute, brings an objective perspective and assists everyone involved to reach a mutually beneficial solution. The YES team specializes in offering this service.

Conflict is inevitable. Conflict can also be resolved positively. We bring a belief in the potential for success. Our approach is insightful and creates simple solutions. We provide an ethical compass for people experiencing difficult interactions. We help sustain hope that solutions can be found. We assist groups to build trust and develop innovative ways to resolve problems.

Benefits of a Neutral

A YES neutral helps you resolve issues in a way that will save time, reduce costs, enhance relationships, increase productivity, and improve decision-making. You can also increase opportunities for innovation, build commitment to shared outcomes, and develop more lasting, creative outcomes.