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'Our group improved communication, job satisfaction and productivity, through mediation with YES.'

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Coaching encourages individuals and organizations to explore challenges, interests and opportunities. We ask probing questions and provide support so you can explore what is important to you and the options available to solve problems effectively.

Coaching helps people recognize new perspectives and make difficult personal and professional decisions. Participants clarify needs and obstacles. They identify new ways to bridge gaps in their lives and businesses. Participants are inspired to set and achieve goals. Individuals and organizations achieve productive agreements and working relationships.

Management Tools

YES uses Open Space Technology with clients who want to create their own direction for a consultation process. We bring a group together to discuss and prioritize issues and develop creative solutions. Participants develop an agenda and produce a report with recommended actions for resolving problems.

Open space workshops offer a number of benefits. Participants lead the process, use inventive problem solving skills, and take responsibility for outcomes. Collectively, the group improves the number and quality of alternatives. People network with colleagues and have a better understanding of each other's roles. Tension eases and morale improves. Communication and teamwork between individuals and departments improve.

Cross Cultural Communication and Diversity Issues

Cross cultural and diversity training can help your organization gain an understanding of the dynamics of diversity. We explain the roots and nature of "difference," and help you develop respectful communication across differences.

Awareness of other cultures is essential to sustain effective service delivery. People with different cultural backgrounds learn how to communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts. You will create systems and communities that support inclusiveness and tolerance.

Policy Development

YES can help you develop policies to guide your organization in four key areas:

Conflict Resolution Policy
A conflict resolution policy provides a road map for resolving disputes in teams and organizations. Problems are resolved in a realistic, timely and collaborative way. Harmony among team members increases.

Respectful Workplace Policy
We work with you to define respectful and disrespectful behaviours, and establish a process for dealing with the latter. Complaints are dealt with promptly and confidentially. Cost savings are achieved as grievances and sick time drop.

Education/Training Policy
YES helps you establish standardized goals and criteria for education and training. As a result, trainers better understand your expectations and their scope of authority. You receive clear, consistent training and education services. Opportunities are created for ongoing input and innovation.

Board/Staff Policy
A set of policies governing Board and staff activities will maximize your organization's effectiveness. These policies enable the Board to focus on its key responsibilities to provide powerful leadership and perpetuate membership.