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Partnering helps stakeholders develop a team approach for a project or joint venture. Partnering works well when organizations decide to proceed with public/private partnerships, construction projects, corporate alliances, mergers and acquisitions.

Generally, people assume they know what everyone will do when difficulties arise in a team project. In reality, many projects are initiated without any discussion of how people will work together effectively, and problems often arise as divergent needs and styles emerge.

Partnering helps team members clarify how they will work together from the outset, and how to improve the quality of the project over the long-term. Team members develop a shared commitment to goals and procedures for the project. Partnering provides the foundation for building constructive relationships and achieving success. Partnering helps ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Partnering Services

The partnering process may involve facilitation, coaching and mediation to ensure team members develop an effective system for working together. YES provides partnering services for:
Public/Private Partnerships
Corporate Alliances
Small Business Partnerships
Non-Profit Affiliations
Inter-Departmental Projects
Construction and Other Multiparty Projects

Benefits of Partnering

Partnering enhances working relationships and productivity. People listen to each other. Integrity and honesty become integral parts of the project. Team members focus on shared goals and success, which improves quality and reduces the risk of cost overruns. Partnering minimizes exposure to liability claims. It speeds decision-making and increases opportunities for innovation.