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'I use the facilitation skills I learned from YES all the time to run meetings and work with groups.'

SUCCESS STORIES Client Testimonials

"I had the privilege of working with the YES Resolution Group recently in an extremely challenging situation. Our group was able to improve communication, develop a more cohesive team approach to problem solving, and achieve a positive, supportive work environment, through ongoing mediation. We continue to use the principles we learned from YES to make better decisions and role model effective leadership behaviour. The mediation process was not easy for those involved, however, the outcomes far exceeded our expectations and have contributed to job satisfaction and productivity."
- Victoria Crompton, Patient Services Director, Neurosciences Program, BC's Children's Hospital

"In 1999, we began a new contract with a government agency, and established a framework for dealing with issues that would inevitably arise. The partnering process with YES helped us establish a common vision and goals for the project. We developed tools to raise topics needing clarification and resolve misunderstandings or disputes. We agreed to recognize each other's different interests, and approach issues from a collective desire to make the partnership work for everyone. We have had a number of opportunities to put the concepts into practice, and I am sure the business relationship has benefited greatly as a result. Our contract was recently renewed."
- Andy Molloy, Executive Vice President, O&Y Enterprise

"I use the facilitation skills I learned from YES all the time in my job as a community school coordinator to run meetings and work with groups. In addition, YES mediation enabled our group of community programmers on the Sunshine Coast to move past a tremendous block that was hindering our partnership. And the consensus decision making model our co-housing community is developing with YES has improved the way we work together."
- Stacia Leech, Roberts Creek Community School Coordinator

"Your coaching skills have had an enormous impact on both my personal and business lives. You helped me make difficult personal decisions. You also helped me see some current business challenges from a new perspective and improve my business plans. Relative to the value I received, your professional fee constitutes an outstanding return on investment. I now believe that every organization needs its President to work with one of you to evoke optimum performance."
- Roger Killen, Early Stage Business Finance Consultant

"YES training helped us see that conflict is normal, and challenged us to think about how we interact when trying to solve problems. The workshop was a stepping-stone to build better relationships at work, and people have carried these skills into other areas of their lives."
- Beverly Christian, Assistant Director, University of BC Childcare Services

"Our project team encountered some challenges working with a diverse group of stakeholders to install a new clinical system at a large hospital. The partnering process with YES enabled stakeholders to understand each other's point of view. Ultimately, we were able to improve our team dynamics, solve problems constructively and achieve our goals for the project."
- Fergus Denhamer, AVP Strategic Bid Team and Solutions Architect, Telus