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'Our group improved communication, job satisfaction and productivity, through mediation with YES.'


We tailor training services to suit your organization's learning needs and build on your skills and experience. Our goal is to help you manage performance, increase productivity and enhance creativity. You will learn the skills effective communicators use. You'll discover how to manage conflict situations by exploring "interests" instead of "positions." You will practice a model for effective negotiating. You'll develop strategic, effective and collaborative organizational partnerships. And you'll find out how to create innovative systems for responding to change.

Training Services
Effective Communication Skills
Conflict Resolution Skills
Interest Based Negotiation
Organizational Development

Benefits of Training

People learn common language and tools for working together, which helps prevent misunderstandings Participants learn new skills to work more effectively. Job satisfaction and productivity improve. Sometimes people gain awareness that alters their lives, significantly changing the way they deal with others. These new skills transcend the workplace and help people become more effective in relationships with family and friends.